Sat 14 Sep 2019 03:46:36 PM UTC

Why I moved from Ghost to NanoBlogger

I am in process of setting up a web presence independent of giant Internet-based service providers like Google. This website is running on a Nanode that runs a web server and a mail server. (I use arch, BTW).

When I configured Ghost blog, I also needed to configure MySQL instance. While Ghost is a powerful blogging platform, it runs on Node. Following are the RAM usages for the two processes that together consume ~20% of RAM resources.

Server's status

Process status

Stopping these two services effectively brings down my RAM usage to ~100MBs.

I liked the lack of exernal dependencies of NanoBlogger. The only dependency it takes is on bash and few other common *nix utilities. Everything like blog posts is stored in files. (Everything is a file, remember?) It's easy to find and edit existing posts, you also write HTML for them by hand.. Blog can be updated anywhere via SSH. (That's the only way I have set up currently. It is possible via FTP too.) After using clunky remote desktop tools, I have really come to love SSH! And honestly, I hadn't expected a blog management system to be available in pure bash!

As I continue using it and use different features of NanoBlogger, I will talk about them from time to time!

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